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We are in the decisive decade. It's time to accelerate climate action.

All countries and all businesses can seize the opportunity and go all in to halve emissions by 2030. Together we can create an inclusive net zero economy, build resilient communities and limit global heating to 1.5°C.

Fossil to Clean

With bold business and political leadership, we can scale clean energy and end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Together we have made great progress to scale up climate solutions, yet emissions are still rising globally. This is because we have not done enough to scale-down the primary case of climate change: burning fossil fuels. But momentum is building, and clean energy gets cheaper and cheaper each year.

The Fossil to Clean campaign is a global movement of businesses going from fossil fuels to clean solutions. Find out more and sign up

The We Mean Business Coalition, together with our extended network of partners, catalyzes business and policy action to halve emissions by 2030 and accelerate an inclusive transition to a net zero economy.


The Latest News from the Coalition

The 4 A's of Climate Leadership

Your guide to credible corporate climate action

Join thousands of companies seizing the opportunities of climate action for a net zero, 1.5°C-aligned world.

Explore best-in-class resources brought together by We Mean Business Coalition through our partners and collaborators.

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Leading businesses respond to the climate crisis with AMBITION.

They deliver on that ambition with ACTION.

They speak up to secure wider change through ADVOCACY.

And they drive progress by demonstrating ACCOUNTABILITY.

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Business progress


Over 13,000 companies of all sizes are taking climate action through Coalition partners' initiatives.


Between 2015 and 2020, companies with approved science-based targets reduced combined scope 1 and 2 emissions by 29% on average.


Over 1,100 businesses from nearly 60 countries have urged governments to set policies that accelerate the clean energy transition.

Learn more about how we’re driving progress towards a net zero economy.

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Growing climate action from businesses is giving governments greater confidence, spurring them to set stronger policies that help businesses achieve their climate goals faster.

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Policymakers are responding to growing business leadership by setting bold climate policies to cut emissions in line with 1.5°C, spurring more companies to greater action.


Coalition Partners

The Coalition is a group of seven nonprofit organizations: BSR, CDP, Ceres, CLG Europe, Climate Group, The B Team and WBCSD. Together we catalyze business leadership and drive policy ambition to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.

The We Mean Business Coalition is a founding partner of the following key corporate climate initiatives:

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