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All In for clean energy

Accelerate the transition to accessible, affordable energy for all

Science makes clear that to stabilize the climate, we must rapidly phase out fossil fuels and replace them with a clean energy system. A just and inclusive transition will reduce energy price volatility and increase energy security, while bringing economic stability, more jobs and better public health.

It’s achievable, it’s cost-effective and businesses are already transforming their operations and advocating for government action.

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Business is advocating for change

With time  running out to keep warming within 1.5°C and the energy crisis exposing the vulnerability of our reliance on fossil fuels, businesses are calling for government action.

Since the G20 in October 2021, over 1,000 businesses from nearly 60 countries have urged governments to immediately set policies that accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels, and scale up clean energy including renewables, energy efficiency and electrification.



  • Almost 800 businesses representing US$2.7 trillion in annual revenue called on G20 leaders to act to keep 1.5°C in reach through harmonised policy measures including a phase out of coal, and promoting electrification of transport and uptake of renewable energy across sectors
  • More than 150 CEOs and business networks came together to call on the EU to strengthen energy security by accelerating the green transition through the upcoming REPowerEU Plan in a letter coordinated by CLG Europe
  • Nearly 50 leading companies in the US urged Congress to swiftly pass a federal economic package centred on clean energy and advanced manufacturing in a letter organised by Ceres
  • Business and civil society leaders including Richard Branson and Christiana Figueres made the case for an accelerated transition to clean energy in a statement of principle, issued by The B Team in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Leading businesses are going ALL IN for Clean Energy

Companies are innovating and transforming to accelerate the clean energy transition because it makes good business sense.  In 2020, renewables were the world’s cheapest source of energy, making clean energy a key enabler of sustainable, social, and economic development.

Thousands of companies are innovating and transforming by:

  • Switching to renewable power and boosting procurement through RE100Over 360 companies are switching to 100% renewable electricity, accelerating the global demand for clean energy and the phase-out of coal-fired power.  
  • Expanding EV demand and charging infrastructure through EV100Over 120 companies are electrifying their corporate fleets and expanding EV charging infrastructure for customers and staff. 
  • Increasing energy efficiency in buildings through EP100Over 120 companies are improving their energy productivity and switching to net zero carbon buildings.
  • Reducing emissions with a science-based target – Companies committed to cutting emissions in line with climate science represent one-third of global market capitalisation ($38 trillion).
  • Encouraging suppliers to go ALL IN for clean energyLarge corporations are asking small- and medium-sized enterprises within their supply chains to decarbonize and reach net zero through the SME Climate Hub and 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders initiative


Affordable and in our economic best interest

A rapid transition to a diversified, reliable clean energy system is the most cost-effective way to simultaneously reduce energy price volatility, increase energy security and cut emissions. 

Transitioning to a clean energy system is no longer “just” about tackling the climate crisis. The current energy crisis has laid bare that rapidly phasing out fossil fuels is also a precondition to help countries secure energy independence and price stability. Relying on clean energy instead of fossil fuels will bring lower costs overall for households, businesses and economies and hedge against risk.

Our new research: the economic opportunities of the clean energy transition

The Science Is Clear: We Must Act Now

The findings of the latest IPCC report make clear that accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels is essential to prevent us from missing the “window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.”

Climate change is already affecting every region in the world and will be far worse in the decades to come if we fail to halve emissions by 2030 and rapidly ramp up adaptation. 

Energy-related emissions, which are mainly caused by burning fossil fuels to heat our buildings, generate our electricity and power our vehicles, account for 76% of global emissions. Science makes it clear that to stabilise the climate, we must rapidly cut fossil fuel use and transition to a clean energy system.

Better Health, Jobs and Quality of Life

Through their significant contribution to emissions reductions, renewables can help avoid displacement of communities and reduce the economic cost of climate change.  

Clean energy transitions will provide an important opportunity to advance economic and social development, not just through job creation, but also by providing the accessible and affordable energy needed to ensure environmental protection, a thriving economy, and a better quality of life for all. A switch to a clean energy system will:

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