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The latest insights from the We Mean Business coalition

Exxon Mobil dismisses a low carbon future and puts faith in oil markets

Andrew Logan

When an international group of 77 institutional investors with more than $3tn in assets asked the world’s 45 largest fossil fuel companies to assess the risks that climate change poses to their business, they were aware they were asking a tough, complex question. Knowing this, investors launched the Carbon Asset Risk Initiative to spur fossil fuel companies to assess the risks […]

Even oil companies don’t want a ‘roasted world’

Mindy Lubber

(CNN) — When climate scientist Rosina Bierbaum speaks, her central theme is the “roasted world” — a bleak picture of what the planet will probably look like if carbon pollution continues unchecked, leading to 4 degrees Celsius of warming by mid-century. Four degrees may not sound like a lot — but it would change our lives […]

Insurers Have Huge Role As Clean Energy Investors

Mindy Lubber

Conversations about climate change and the insurance industry usually focus on catastrophic storms and their damaging financial ripples for insurance providers. Given skyrocketing extreme-weather losses in recent years, it’s surely a legitimate issue that should be making insurers re-think their business models. But insurers have another important role on the climate issue, which is how […]

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