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The latest insights from the We Mean Business coalition

G20: time to recommit to leadership on climate change

In the past the G20 has demonstrated real leadership on climate change. In previous summits, G20 leaders have called for bold action and offered substantive ideas for how to transition to a low carbon economy. As the G20 prepares to meet in Brisbane this weekend, business welcomes the call for “strong and effective action to […]

A new architecture for sustainable development

Lara Birkes, Senior Fellow, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)

What kind of new economic models will be needed to meet the combined imperatives of poverty reduction, sustainable development, while making the shift to a low carbon future? The world will soon embark on a new sustainable development path. Through the planned conclusion of several multilateral processes by the end of 2015 governments are gearing […]

UN Experts Call for Climate Action to Protect Human Rights

Edward Cameron, Director, Partnership Development and Research

Earlier this month, 27 of the 39 independent experts holding mandates to report and advise on human rights issues for the UN Human Rights Council coauthored an open letter calling on all governments to ensure full coherence between their human rights obligations and their efforts to address climate change. It further called on them to […]

Making Climate Action a Team Sport

Ben Broche, Coordinator, Advisory Services

At the BSR Conference 2013, Participant Media CEO Jim Berk had an important message for us: “Saving the world is a team sport.” This thought has carried with me throughout the year: Effective cross-sector collaboration that transcends business, civil society, and policy landscapes is the only way we can begin to address the complex, global […]

Is Divestment from Fossil Fuels Going Mainstream?

Charlotte Bancilhon, Manager, Advisory Services

Last week, the Second Swedish AP Fund announced it would divest from 12 coal and eight oil and gas companies, an amount totaling more than US$115 million. This announcement signals that the fossil fuel divestment campaign is continuing its shift from a grassroots movement among ethically minded investors, such as foundations and religious groups, toward […]

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