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COP28 Progress and opportunities

Progress is happening. The opportunities are unmissable. Don’t wait for too late.

At COP28, We Mean Business Coalition is shining a light on ways to accelerate corporate climate action through campaigns to deliver realworld emissions reductions

Fossil to Clean – a movement of businesses going from fossil fuels to clean solutions 

Supplier Cascade – a manageable way to address Scope 3 emissions through Tier 1 supplier engagement

SME Climate Hub – empowering small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future

Action on nature and credible voluntary markets – guidance for incorporating nature in corporate climate plans

The Corporate Climate Stocktake – a snapshot of climate action and opportunities across sectors 

Business can be the catalyst for change, and in many sectors is already sending strong market signals to ensure we can rapidly decarbonize the global energy system by the 2040s. 

Find out more about our COP28 Business Pavilion events, campaigns and latest insights.




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