Pushing boldly for a global price on carbon

Spanish multinational group ACCIONA is a leader in renewable energy production and has been advocating for a global carbon price that could realistically offset greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the company, the lack of comprehensive and robust carbon pricing regulation globally is a failure of the market and must be urgently addressed if we want to keep global warming below 2°C. ACCIONA has therefore endorsed the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership Carbon Pricing Communiqué to call for changes in the policy framework. [1] The company is also a member of both the World Bank and UN Global Compact’s initiatives on carbon pricing.

Internally, the group has been active in the voluntary carbon credit trading market through the Verified Carbon Standard program, and has, for example, voluntarily invested in two wind projects in the United States with a combined capacity of 255 MW. [2]

ACCIONA believes that a stronger Emission Trading Scheme in Europe could strengthen the regions green ambition and push forward the reduction of its carbon footprint. In turn, this would considerably stimulate renewables development, benefiting the group’s commercial operations. [3]


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