Making concrete more climate-friendly

Concrete is the second most consumed substance on the planet after water.[1] On average, every human being consumes three tons of it per year and production is growing quickly. [2] Concrete is in the buildings we live in, the pavements we walk on and the roads we drive along.

Concrete is made with cement and cement manufacturing is a highly energy-intensive activity because of the extreme heat required to produce it. It is no surprise, then, that the cement industry is responsible for about 5% of anthropogenic global CO2 emissions; innovative solutions are urgently needed.

CEMEX, a Mexico-based global supplier of cement, has proactively integrated green values in its wider business strategy and has consistently invested in alternative fuels and renewable energy to become a pioneering example of business sustainability for the global building industry. [3]

Thanks to the group’s support, for example, the largest [at the time of financing] wind power project in Latin America will start operating in 2016. Ventika—the name of the 84-turbine development in Mexico’s northeast, not too far from the US border—will comprise two wind farms, each with a capacity of 126MW. [4]  Part of the energy produced will power CEMEX’s operations, together with a wind farm in Oaxaca that already supplies 25% of the energy consumed by CEMEX Mexico [5] and a recently inaugurated solar power plant in the Dominican Republic.[6]

By pumping a joint investment of approximately US$650 million in the Ventika wind project, the company has played a definitive role in the building industry’s transition towards a low-carbon economy, while also giving Mexico a considerable push towards achieving its 35% renewable generation target by 2025. [7]

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