Elion Resources Group

Elion draws a line in the sand on renewables

For nearly three decades, Elion Resources Group [1] has been transforming deserts into green spaces through its projects to grow new forests and prevent sand erosion.

Now the company is helping meet the growing demand for power in China.[2] It’s building out its business model around generating clean energy from natural resources.

As much as a quarter of today’s energy demand has sprung up in just the last decade. And, since 2000, all the net growth has happened in non-OECD countries—more than half of it in China alone. [3]  It’s estimated that by 2020, China will account for 32% of all global emissions, generating 70% more carbon dioxide than the US [4], the next biggest producer.

So it’s vital for China to invest in renewable infrastructure and clean electricity. So far, progress has been swift: in 2014, China’s new renewable power capacity surpassed new fossil fuel and nuclear capacity for the first time. [5]  And, China is the world’s biggest investor in the renewable energy market (with US$89.5 billion invested in 2014 alone).[6]

Investing billions

Now Elion is taking the lead. It is the first Chinese company to join RE100 [7], a group of companies committed to using 100% renewable energy. Elion has committed to achieve this by 2030 as part of its focus on clean energy technology and is investing billions of dollars in renewable energy projects.

One is a 110MW photovoltaic installation in the Kubuqi Desert. Elion has invested US$0.15 billion in the project, selling any unused energy via the grid. Elion is now planning a 5GW solar project, in which it’s invested US$6.4 billion. It is also developing its own biomass and biogas projects, as well as exploring on-site solar power generation.

At the moment, Elion gets 27% of its power from renewable sources. As well as spotting opportunities for generating renewable energy, the company is working with the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

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US$5 billion
Desert Ecology, Energy, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals