Larsen & Toubro

Energy saving starts at home

Larsen and Toubro’s group executive chairman has worked his way up from factory floor engineer to company leader.  Often referred to as “Mr Infrastructure” for maneuvering the company to a wide variety of engineering, building and transport projects—including India’s first nuclear submarine and the country’s first monorail in Mumbai—he became known over his tenure for nurturing Larsen and Toubro to massive gains in the market. [1]  

More recently, “Mr. Infrastructure” has been making the news because he has been divesting arms of the company that deal with non-core competencies, allowing Larsen and Toubro to be more focused. This streamlining has been mirrored in the sustainability strategy, growing the company while reducing resource use and emissions impact. [2]

Starting at home, Larsen and Toubro has been building energy efficiency programs, including projects to replace lighting, upgrade old air compressors, turn off machinery when not in use and increase insulation and occupancy sensors. (CDP 2014) These simple strategies have been so successful that, over the past seven years, 207,368 GJ of energy have been saved and 47,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided. [3]

L&T recognizes that renewable energy is essential to mitigate global warming, so it has drawn up an agreement to source wind power at three campuses, avoiding over 25,000 tonnes CO2 annually (CDP 2014) and installed 8.7 MW of wind turbine generators for electricity consumption at premises in Tamil Nadu. Other installations include a food waste to biogas installation to generate electricity in Chennai and 1.6 million kWh from solar panels on campus; all together these contribute to 8% of the total energy mix sourced from renewable energy. [4]

Employees benefit from L&T’s sustainability stance, as new employees are introduced to climate change and sustainable development concepts at induction and can continue to attend internal seminars. The company attends many conferences and hosts outreach at colleges and factories as well. [5] There is also an employee pool of Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioners and a Certified Sustainability Assurance program is conducted for employees to address sustainability issues and improve data management systems.

With a finger in many construction pies, there’s no denying that Larsen and Toubro’s carbon footprint is enormous. However, the company has been forging ahead and demonstrating change internally and it now has the opportunity to get everyone on the right road to build a sustainable future.

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