Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric: the missing connector

Schneider Electric, the French electricity distribution and management group, is dedicated to helping solve the “energy equation”—meeting the doubling of energy demand by 2050 while halving carbon emissions. The business covers integrated energy management, smart grids, electrical distribution networks, heat and cooling, and data centers, across the industrial, residential and IT sectors, so it is uniquely positioned to help balance the equation.

Renewable energy represents a growing and hugely important variable in the energy equation. It is not a simple solution—from investment to installation right through to delivering the renewable energy to the right place at the right time. Schneider Electric is the operator that can connect the source to the consumer and finish the formula.

In March 2015 in the UK, Schneider linked over 300 MW of solar power from 20 solar photovoltaic (PV) sites to the grid. The technology provided by Schneider Electric—an integrated PV switchbox containing monitoring cabinets, integrated inverters, transformers, switchgears, and switchboards—ensured the projects were completed on time. To put this achievement in context, it is estimated that 300 MW of solar power could power 49,000 houses. [1]

Energy University is a free online resource and training center set up by Schneider Electric. The platform offers over 200 courses on energy efficiency that aim to help individuals achieve energy career goals through professional certification and support businesses to improve efficiency and demonstrate energy leadership. Hilton Worldwide University has partnered with Energy University to deliver expert-led education in energy efficiency to its employees. [2]

Schneider Electric is building the bridges to the future of low carbon energy consumption, linking the consumer to the technology and knowledge required. In short, as the company’s Executive Vice-President of Strategy & Technology Michel Crochon has effectively explained, Schneider Electric has a vision to “help customers achieve more with less resources in a more connected, distributed, and smart world … where the need for energy will continue to increase.” [3]  


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