Climate solutions made simple by Xerox

Xerox—the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management—has been driving its carbon emissions down for well over a decade. The company has now committed to set a science-based target and its ultimate goal is to be carbon neutral. [1]  

Xerox products, solutions and services have a direct impact on how its customers use energy and other resources. Rises in the cost of energy and concerns about energy security affect Xerox operations and those of its customers. Through business engineering, Xerox finds innovative ways to improve the work process, cut costs and save energy. This value proposition attracts new business opportunities and customers.[2]

Cutting costs and helping customers cut theirs

Xerox continually reviews its manufacturing process, facilities and vehicle fleet to keep its carbon footprint small and save money. (CDP Climate Change Response 2014) It uses renewable energy: its UK base is entirely powered by Green Energy and the company is one of the USA’s top buyers in the technology and telecom sector of green power, according to the US government Environment Protection Agency (EPA). [3]

In terms of supporting customers, many Xerox products have widely recognized certifications, meeting specific environmental criteria for design, production processes, energy use and recycling. The company has developed a range of online tools and services that help customers keep energy costs low and minimize their impact on the environment. [4]

Here are just a few examples:

EA toner
Xerox manufactures a toner generating 28 percent fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to conventional production.  Since the particles are small and a uniform shape, the result is high-quality images using less toner per page and at lower temperatures.[5]

Online tools
Xerox offers a print awareness tool that gives customers real-time information about how any printing they do affects profits as well as the environment, encouraging them to print less. [6] Another tool, ConnectKey, helps customers use less paper by scanning straight to cloud services instead of printing.[7]

Transportation Services
Xerox offers solutions that make travel more efficient and cost effective while reducing GHG emissions—saving commuters time, money and stress. [8]


Xerox’s strong commitment to finding ways to make its business sustainable and its products and services right for customers has paid dividends. It has a history of exceeding and then resetting its targets for saving energy and cutting emissions. Energy 2012 was a challenge set in 2002 to reduce GHG emissions 10 percent by 2012. Xerox met this goal six years ahead of schedule, setting a new target of a 25 percent reduction by 2012 instead (against a 2002 baseline).

In 2012, it set a company-wide goal to cut energy consumption by 10 percent by 2017. In 2013, it had cut energy consumption by six percent and emissions by nine percent. [9] Xerox has committed to set a science-based target intending to further reduce GHG emissions as part of the CDP/WE MEAN BUSINESS initiative.


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