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Driving a net zero transport system

The transition to net zero transport is accelerating, driving innovation and transforming the way people and goods move. Businesses are increasing the pace of electric vehicle uptake and growing the market for low and zero-emission transport modes and technologies, helping to reduce emissions, improve air quality and drive growth.

Companies are encouraged to accelerate the transition to net zero transport with one of the below initiatives.

EV100 – Commit to electric vehicles

Forward-looking businesses in Climate Group’s EV100 initiative are playing a major role in driving the transition to electric vehicles (EV). By transitioning their fleet to EV and installing EV charging for staff and customers, they are demonstrating the rapidly growing case for going electric and sending a powerful demand signal to accelerate the transition worldwide.

  • . Advocacy
  • . Action
  • . Accountability
  • . Ambition

Leading companies are taking action to decarbonize transport

To find out more about taking climate action, go to our contact page to get in touch with the right person.


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