Grow the market for the world’s most sustainable fuels

below50, brought to you by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), brings together companies and organizations who commit to growing the global market for the world’s most sustainable fuels – that is fuels producing at least 50% less CO2 emissions than conventional fossil fuels.

Low carbon fuels have massive impact potential for emissions reductions and fuel efficiency. For instance, biofuels alone can reduce emissions 500MT by 2030. The time for creating a global market for these fuels has never been better.

below50 aims to create demand for these fuels and scale up their deployment by increasing the number of companies choosing sustainable alternative fuels, creating cross-sectoral opportunities along supply chains and addressing legislative and financial barriers to bring these fuels into the mainstream.

It’s time to capitalize on this moment. The new global market for sustainable fuels is expected to reach $185 billion by 2021 – and you can be sure that the below50 companies are going to be instrumental for that growth.

What are the benefits?

  • Access early business opportunities for sustainable fuel supply chains
  • Be part of a game-changing global movement that will help achieve the 2-degree goal
  • Showcase your leadership in delivering solutions that fight climate change
  • Take part in expanding the market for the world’s most sustainable fuels
  • Reach policy makers who can increase your market opportunities
  • Networking opportunities

See advantages by sector

What is expected of companies that make this commitment?

There is an approval process for joining below50. Any company who produces, uses and/or invests in fuels that are at least 50% less carbon intensive than conventional fossil fuels can sign up. In order to be approved, companies must demonstrate an existing commitment to sustainable fuels with evidence of steps taken to meet the commitment.

Whether you operate on the demand side, the supply side or are a technology enabler, you have a different role to play in growing the market, and therefore a different sectoral commitment to below50.

Companies must publicly commit to the campaign, show evidence that supports their claim, and disclose their progress towards achieving this goal on a yearly basis.

Take the first step

Answer the online self assessment based on your sector, and provide evidence of your commitment to sustainable fuels.