Commit to 100% renewable power

Increased use of renewable energy is critical to the transition to a low-carbon economy. Businesses can drive the creation of a thriving, global market for renewable power, a game-changer in reducing emissions, by committing to transition 100% of their electricity to renewable sources in the shortest practical timescale.

What are the benefits?

Switching to renewable power will help the company to achieve its carbon emission reduction goals and manage fluctuating energy costs, while providing better energy security.

Companies committed to 100% renewable power will be invited to join RE100. RE100 members receive technical guidance and resources to help them pursue a 100% renewable electricity strategy.

RE100 also celebrates the transformational change that leading companies are making by investing in renewable power, which also provides substantial reputational benefits.

What is expected of companies that make this commitment?

Companies that commit to 100% renewable power will help to play a leadership role in delivering a low carbon economy. Joining RE100 also means committing to transparent reporting of the company’s renewable power strategy, consumption, emissions, and targets.

Start the journey

Companies not yet ready to take on a 100% renewable electricity goal as part of RE100 are encouraged to set bold targets that at least increase their levels of ambition and start them on their renewables journey. Whilst 100% renewable power commitments demonstrate the highest level of leadership, the commitments these companies make will still help to shift global electricity demand to renewables, and demonstrate that it makes good sense for business and the economy.

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