Commit to improve energy productivity

Energy productivity is emerging as a key mechanism for businesses to expand on the considerable progress made on energy efficiency in recent decades and align those efforts more directly with business growth and development objectives. As indicated in the recent Shaping Energy Transitions report, “To limit global warming to well below 2°C a 3% annual improvement in the average global energy productivity is needed up to 2050”

Through the EP100 platform companies can pledge to double their energy productivity with quantified, time-bound targets. EP100, from The Climate Group in partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, operates as a companion to the RE100 renewable energy program, led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP.

What are the benefits?

Energy productivity represents jobs and economic value creation. Modelling for the US indicates that doubling energy productivity by 2030 could save $327 billion annually in energy costs and add 1.3 million jobs. The 2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index illustrates the corresponding global opportunity for energy productivity to create 6 million jobs and reduce the cost of fossil fuels by almost $2.2 trillion.

EP100 showcases the leadership of companies making progress toward bold, public pledges on energy productivity. By promoting their achievements EP100 will demonstrate the smart business case for improving energy productivity, and encourage other businesses to do the same. Further policy measures needed to stimulate the energy efficiency market will also be highlighted.

Committed companies will be invited to take part in:

  • Peer-to-peer learning and networking (webinars and bi-annual meetings)
  • Research on technical and/or financial innovations to promote energy productivity
  • Opportunity for corporate/executive statements in published materials related to energy productivity
  • Executive speaking engagement opportunities at key events related to energy productivity
  • Case studies to highlight corporate leadership on energy productivity
  • Opportunities to mentor other member companies

What is expected of companies that make this commitment?

Companies are eligible to join EP100 if they publicly pledge to doubling their energy productivity. Companies must choose a relevant energy productivity metric, establish a baseline year as early as 2005 and pledge to double energy productivity within 25 years.
Participation in EP100 will constitute an endorsement of the Global Alliance for Energy Productivity goal of doubling energy productivity and alignment with the Sustainable Energy for ALL (SE4all) objective to “double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.”

Finalizing a commitment:

The EP100 initiative is run in collaboration with The Climate Group and the Alliance to Save Energy.


EP100 Joining Form
EP100 Infographic

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