Low Carbon Investment

Investing in renewable energy, green bonds, energy efficiency, and low carbon funds

Institutional investors are a crucial source of long-term capital for low carbon assets globally. Investing in low carbon assets provides a strong signal that investors are contributing to a low carbon transition, and demonstrates to policy makers and other stakeholders how capital is flowing away from emissions intensive activities and towards low carbon opportunities.

What are the benefits?

A low carbon transition is under way. Asset owners investing in low carbon assets will be exposed to the future economy, which will be increasingly based on low carbon energy sources. Entering low carbon investments in the Registry will help develop low carbon markets by informing policy makers and investors about new investment channels and changing financial flows. Recording the amount of investor capital flowing into low carbon assets can also provide an incentive for companies and sectors to develop and invest in low carbon and clean technologies.

What is expected of investors that make this commitment?

Investors are expected to have invested or have made a new commitment to invest in a low carbon asset, as defined by the LCI registry. Investments captured in the LCI Registry include:

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Buildings e.g. energy efficiency improvements
  • Energy e.g. solar, wind, hydro
  • Fixed income e.g. green bonds
  • Information communications technology e.g. smart grids
  • Low carbon funds e.g. public or private funds investing > 50% in low carbon assets

Start the journey

The Low Carbon Investment Registry is open to all asset owners with qualifying entries. The journey starts when asset owners complete an entry in the Registry.

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