Report climate change information in mainstream reports as a fiduciary duty

There is growing acceptance that climate change is a mainstream investment issue. It has important implications for economic activity and corporate performance; however, mainstream corporate reports lack comprehensive and comparable climate change information. The current information gap undermines the efficiency with which capital is allocated to its most productive uses.

Companies and investors can demonstrate their climate leadership by becoming signatories to the CDSB Statement on fiduciary duty and climate change disclosure.

What are the benefits?

By signing the Statement, companies and investors are sending a clear signal that they are committed to addressing economic risks and seizing opportunities associated with climate change. They are also helping encourage their peers to take similar action, helping create a level playing field and enhance consistency and comparability of reported information for all.

Companies and investors that sign the statement will be showcased as leaders who understand the need for climate reporting in mainstream reports. Signatories will be recognized with logo placement on a dedicated CDSB website and in printed materials.

What is expected of companies that make this commitment?

By endorsing this commitment, companies and investors will be requested to sign the Statement, the signatories of which will require, produce and use climate change information in mainstream corporate reports out of a sense of fiduciary and social responsibility, in order to support the efficient allocation of capital.

By signing the statement, companies will also agree to work toward reporting of climate change-related information in mainstream corporate reports, using a recognized international framework such as the CDSB Climate Change Reporting Framework.

Investor signatories to the statement are pledging to use climate change information provided in mainstream corporate reports out of a sense of fiduciary responsibility, in order to support the efficient allocation of capital for the benefit of the firm's beneficiaries.

Statement on Fiduciary Duty and Climate Change Disclosure
CDSB Reporting Framework
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