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The voice of leading businesses and investors at COP21
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It was a waiting game for many on the penultimate day of COP21 yesterday. Ministers and their senior negotiators had worked through Wednesday night, meaning that the Paris Committee reconvened on Thursday. Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister and COP President, presented a revised text at 9:00pm to the Parties.
Guest Editorial
As COP21 draws to a close, I’m encouraged by the willingness of world leaders to take bold action on climate change, one of the most important challenges of our time.
Feature Article
Two weeks ago, We Mean Business came to Paris calling for a new climate agreement that made business sense. A deal that provided ambition, confidence and created a level playing field across all geographies.
Guest Editorial
If we continue on a business as usual path our planet will need five times its current carbon sequestration capacity for mankind to survive. This means we need to innovate beyond the current modus operandi.
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At first glance, the scale of financing needed to build our low-carbon future is daunting. In Copenhagen, governments pledged to scale annual public climate finance to US$100 billion by 2020.
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Negotiating a global climate deal is the key focus for national governments at COP21. World governments also recognize that businesses, cities, and sub-national governments have the knowledge, agency, and agility to catalyse near-term carbon cuts.
The Bottom Line interviewed Hoesung Lee, the new chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to discuss how both science and business can help in the fight against climate change.
News Article
Moodys has published two reports detailing how environmental risks influence sectoral credit ratings. Developing and applying its own approach, the ratings agency found sectors representing $2 trillion of rated debt to be facing the greatest credit exposure.
Edition 11 December 11, 2015


Dec 10 Tony de Brum

Our #HighAmbitionCoalition grows. Welcome Philippines, Seychelles, Chile, Fiji, Grenada, FSM, Lux, Canada. Now 100!

Dec 10 CDP

The CEO of one of world’s top energy companies: The future is closer than we think http://ow.ly/VHPhA

Dec 10 Kumi Naidoo

If you believe in #HumanRightsDay, you believe in #renewable energy for all http://bit.ly/1jQsQka  #COP21

To provide the policy certainty that business needs and the ambition that science dem­ands, to establish a level playing field for business worldwide, and to accelerate the transition to the low-carbon economy, We Mean Business calls for the following in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change:

  1. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions well before the end of the century
  2. Strengthen commitments every five years
  3. Enact meaningful carbon pricing 
  4. New and additional climate finance at scale
  5. Transparency and accountability to promote a race to the top
  6. National commitments at the highest end of ambition
  7. Adaptation to build climate-resilient economies and communities
  8. Pre-2020 ambition through Worksteam 2

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