The Journey Past Paris

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The voice of leading businesses and investors at COP21

The Journey Past Paris

Negotiating a global climate deal is the key focus for national governments at COP21. World governments also recognize that businesses, cities, and sub-national governments have the knowledge, agency, and agility to catalyse near-term carbon cuts.

Workstream 2, created by the Durban Platform in 2011, is an important focal point for the agreement, as it is the part of the agreement that will facilitate decarbonization of the economy ahead of the official start of the national commitments in 2020.

Workstream 2, which will continue after COP21, has two main functions:

1) Provide a space for the private sector to support policies that increase investment and reduce barriers into the low-carbon economy. Ahead of COP21, business collectively developed a clear set of policy asks that have been well received by negotiators as part of the global negotiations. Similar input into national and subnational policy will help develop mechanisms that business can back.

2) Continue to boost climate action pledges. Many businesses are making clear commitments like setting science based targets and moving to 100% renewable power. As a complement, investors are pledging to decarbonize portfolios ensuring their holdings are aligned with the new climate economy. So far, 335 companies and 160 investors have made 841 commitments – and the numbers keep increasing.

Businesses are side by side with governments on the road through Paris – a first for the international climate negotiations. Workstream 2 provides an ideal platform for collaboration between business and governments that will lead to significant carbon cuts and avoid locking in carbon intensive assets as we approach 2020.

Edition 11 December 11, 2015


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To provide the policy certainty that business needs and the ambition that science dem­ands, to establish a level playing field for business worldwide, and to accelerate the transition to the low-carbon economy, We Mean Business calls for the following in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change:

  1. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions well before the end of the century
  2. Strengthen commitments every five years
  3. Enact meaningful carbon pricing 
  4. New and additional climate finance at scale
  5. Transparency and accountability to promote a race to the top
  6. National commitments at the highest end of ambition
  7. Adaptation to build climate-resilient economies and communities
  8. Pre-2020 ambition through Worksteam 2

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