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The latest insights from the We Mean Business coalition

Aiming for Zero: A Growing Business Movement

Corporate Leaders Group

Prompted by the Paris Agreement and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a faster pace, governments across the world are reviewing their initial ambitions, and looking at what is required to deliver on the goal of ‘net zero’ emissions. Achieving this goal requires further discussion, with every sector and region involved. Business has […]

The Demand for Financing Climate Projects in Cities


There is substantial demand for financing and for project preparation of climate-related projects in cities across the world. This report draws upon 106 applications for support received by the CFF in 2018 and 1,037 projects submitted to CDP in the 2017 CDP Cities Questionnaire to show what climaterelated projects in cities look like and what […]

Disclose What Matters: Bridging the Gap Between Investor Needs and Company Disclosures on Sustainability


Disclose What Matters analyzes the sustainability disclosures of the world’s largest companies and finds that most companies are using comparable and industry-wide disclosure frameworks for reporting sustainability risks and opportunities. However, the analysis finds that only a small percentage of companies disclose the business relevance of these risks and opportunities, and only a handful provide […]

The Future of Sustainable Business


On the occasion of BSR’s 25th anniversary, BSR  have taken the opportunity to consider the ways the world has changed since our founding and the systemic changes that are shaping the world today. This paper offers our thinking on where to go next. It also serves as an invitation to join us over the coming […]

Building Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia


Business and society in Southeast Asia face unprecedented risks caused by climate change. Warming temperatures, sea-level rise, extreme weather events that are more frequent or intense, and threats to ecosystem services can affect the private sector significantly. Businesses that fail to understand and manage climate change are exposed to a range of risks that could […]

Climate and Supply Chain


Climate change affects each and every human around the globe, with profound implications for social justice and human rights. Health-related stresses, competition for natural resources, and the impacts on livelihoods, hunger, and migration warrant immediate global action. This report is part of a series of six climate nexus reports that cover human rights, inclusive economy, […]

Climate and Health


Climate change affects each and every human around the globe, with profound and potentially lasting implications for global health. This paper uses data and case studies to highlight the impacts of climate change on health and help companies across sectors understand the resulting consequences for business. The report demonstrates why and how business can take […]

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