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By harnessing the power of business action and policy ambition we are driving progress towards our core goals, across key systems and the economy as a whole.

We Mean Business Coalition is proof that the private sector is shifting and real momentum is growing for faster, bolder action on climate. Unprecedented collaboration across industries, collective courage from leading companies, an unbending commitment to evidence-based policy-making, and a shared vision of a global economy that is both green and just. Now the pressure is on for climate action at speed and with scale. - Paul Polman, Business leader, Campaigner, author of 'Net Positive: how courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take'

RE100 members have a combined renewable electricity demand of 334  TWh, greater than that of the UK or Italy.


Companies with science-based targets have reduced their combined emissions by 25% since 2015.


We work to halve global emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.


We work to help achieve a net-zero energy system and phase out global energy-related CO2 emissions by the middle of the decade.

Evolution of RE100 membership, electricity & renewables consumption


We work to decarbonize mobility for people and goods and contribute to 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030 for light passenger vehicles.


Watch this space for sections on Built Environment, Industry and Land to be added soon.

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Catalyze Business leadership
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Drive policy ambition and action
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