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The We Mean Business coalition works with thousands of the world’s most influential businesses. We drive policy ambition and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy that delivers sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

We are committed to the Paris Agreement and its goal of limiting the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C, while pursuing efforts to limit the increase even further to 1.5°C.

The Paris Agreement on climate change is unprecedented in its scope, will define the global economy of the 21st century, and has immediate impact on businesses around the world.

In the run up to the historic climate summit in Paris our coalition and the companies we work with were instrumental in shaping the agreement. Today we are committed to working with governments on implementing the agreement. This includes aiding the progressive increase of ambition and completing the policy enabling environment initiated in Paris.

In support of climate action and to harness their full potential, we look to governments to:

Scale up enabling policies by completing the architecture of the Paris Agreement.

Fully implement and enhance national climate action plans (NDCs) in the United States, the European Union, South Africa, Brazil, India and China.

Drive towards net zero emissions by communicating long-term low GHG development strategies.

Connect non-state action to an increase in ambition with every five-year NDC cycle, starting in 2018.

Mobilize climate finance at scale from public and private sources.

Enact meaningful pricing of carbon.

Build climate-resilient communities and ensure a just transition to a zero-carbon and equitable economy.

Business Engagement in Zero-Carbon Policy

The ambition of the Paris Agreement can only be fully realized with business engaged as a core implementation partner.

In order to achieve ambitious climate targets and realize the benefits of the zero-carbon transition, forward-looking companies are helping to shape the policy enabling environment.

Companies are achieving this by proactively engaging with policy makers to encourage increased policy ambition. This engagement includes showcasing the success of business action on climate change and highlighting its potential to create transformative change.

The partnership with forward-looking businesses helps enable policy makers to increase policy ambition.

Our Policy Theory of Change

As ambitious climate policy develops, we support business in interpreting its implications and driving the benefits of innovation, competitiveness, risk management and growth. The coalition also seeks to accelerate the rollout of policies that support the zero-carbon transition through strategic partnerships with cities, states, regions and civil society.

A collaborative partnership between business and government can ensure the zero-carbon transition is achieved at the scale and with the urgency required, securing future profitability for business and delivering national and international decarbonization commitments.


For further insight on what the Paris Agreement means for business, read our report. Read the We Mean Business coalition policy summary for COP23.

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