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The Supplier Cascade gives businesses a manageable way to address Scope 3 emissions through Tier 1 supplier engagement. Built from best practice, it focuses on enabling action in the areas that are within a business’s control.

Organizations create tangible climate action by asking their Tier 1 suppliers to make a credible net zero commitment aligned with science, publicly report their progress against targets, and cascade the approach to their own Tier 1 suppliers and beyond. The Supplier Cascade can create a domino effect of climate action as each subsequent tier of the supply chain asks its own Tier 1 suppliers to take action.

Please join us to create tangible climate action throughout the supply chain.



How it works

Businesses ask their Tier 1 suppliers to make a credible net zero commitment that is science-based and aligned with the 1.5°C goal set out in the Paris Agreement. Businesses have complete flexibility and freedom in the way they incentivize their suppliers.

Tier 1 suppliers continue the cascade by asking their own Tier 1 suppliers (also called Tier 2 suppliers by the original business) to make a credible net zero commitment.

Tier 1 suppliers who have made net zero commitments report progress against their targets annually, so customers can access public primary data on emissions reductions in their supply chain.

Businesses also report annually on supplier action progress: – the number of their Tier 1 suppliers that have made a credible net zero commitment, and those that have cascaded the approach.

Through publicly accessible and comparable reporting, businesses share what they are doing and encourage others to act.

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Learn more

Download the Supplier Cascade explainer to learn more about the approach and how it can benefit your business.

Download now (380kb, pdf)

Cascade climate action

Businesses of all sizes and from all sectors have committed to starting their own Supplier Cascade. Join them as an Early Adopter to contribute to the discussion and receive tailored support in taking control of upstream Scope 3 emissions.


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Key questions about the Supplier Cascade answered

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