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Climate Policy Tracker

The We Mean Business coalition and BSR introduce The Climate Policy Tracker – a freely available online platform designed to help businesses determine which climate policies are relevant across key countries and industries.

The Paris Agreement is being implemented. The policies resulting from the Agreement are already reshaping national economies, development paths and value chains for companies across the globe.

This widespread rollout of climate policy is a growing cause for optimism as it’s a key gauge for tracking progress on climate action. It’s also a defining moment for companies to embrace the transition to the zero-carbon economy and seize the benefits of innovation, risk management, competitiveness and growth.

The Climate Policy Tracker helps businesses realize these benefits by providing up-to-date information on climate regulation in one place. It enables users to build a comprehensive picture of the policies that impact their operations and value chains based on the sector and countries they operate in.

Explore by Industry and Explore by Country

Sector by sector, the national climate plans brought forward under the Paris Agreement are transforming the regulatory landscape that business operates in.

The Paris Agreement is a clear policy signal from governments that it is time to scale-up zero-carbon investment and bold solutions to climate change.

Watch this video to see how you can use the tracker to search for the most relevant policies to your business, filtered by country and industry. The tracker currently covers climate policies relevant to business in 8 countries plus the EU. A live product, it will regularly be updated with new policies. Over time, more countries, sub-national states and regions, cities and types of policy will be added.

The Climate Policy Tracker for Business is a We Mean Business coalition product, developed in partnership with BSR. More comments and feedback, please contact: [email protected]




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