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COP27 Business Pavilion for Climate Leadership

We Mean Business Coalition hosted a pavilion in the Blue Zone, with WBCSD and 70+ partner organizations, to bring an ambitious and coordinated business voice to COP27.

If you missed a livestreamed session, recordings are available to watch here.

Read the We Mean Business Coalition Statement on COP27 outcomes here.


For climate action to reduce emissions

We need governments and business to double down on the action needed to avoid ever-growing human suffering and overwhelming economic costs. This is the moment to problem solve, overcome barriers and deliver emissions cuts.  

See how business is delivering, and how to accelerate action.

We know what needs to be done across sectors by 2030, including: 

Political progress

At COP27, forward-looking businesses wanted progress across the three key themes of the Egypt Presidency.

'The world can no longer wait.' Statement on behalf of We Mean Business Coalition ahead of COP27

To deliver on their climate ambitions, businesses need national governments to urgently set strong policies across systems. Business also relies on government to deliver international solidarity between countries.  

  • Mitigation to cut emissions

    1. Countries re-emphasize the need for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and 2030 goals to be in line with a 1.5°C pathway and the latest science to halve global emissions by 2030 as agreed at COP26, and commit to take action accordingly.

    2. Countries or groups of countries make mitigation commitments in support of sector/systems transitions, in particular, to accelerate the just transition to clean energy and protect and restore nature.

    3. The Mitigation Work Program for 2030 agrees to short-term urgent actions, a sectoral focus within its scope and recognizes the important role of non-state actors, including business, in sectoral decarbonization.

    4. The Global Stocktake (GST) is designed and implemented in a robust manner to ensure that Parties’ level of ambition matches the action needed to achieve the 1.5°C objective:

    • GST design reflects a strong purpose to accelerate global ambition, inclusivity and an evidence-based approach.
    • Non-Party Stakeholder action should be integrated into the GST through Biennial Transparency Reports, alongside direct submissions to the GST.
  • Adaptation and building resilience

    1. COP27 elevates adaptation and building resilience, including the needs of access to finance, technology and capacity

    2. Tangible process is made in the 2-year work program launched at COP26 to develop a Global Goal on Adaptation

    3. Finance by developed countries towards adaptation increases. Specifically, public financing from developed countries to support developing countries reflects a 50:50 split towards climate mitigation and adaptation

    4. Loss and Damage (L&D) is on the formal agenda of COP27, and progress is made on:

    • Recognition of impacts being felt already and need for collective response
    • Finance pledges and instruments – COP27 may see some governments coming forward with new pledges for finance to address Loss and Damage, as well as several Parties will call for the development of a Loss and Damage facility under the UNFCCC that will ensure that L&D issues are treated in a holistic manner. 
  • Finance

    1. Countries deliver on public finance now to unleash private sector investments that immediately help reduce emissions and impacts

    2. Countries deliver on the USD 100 billion per year international public climate finance commitments for developing countries’ climate mitigation and adaptation efforts

    3. Countries commit to future public finance with concrete steps towards agreeing a New Collective Quantified Goal post-2025 on financing from developed countries to support developing countries

    4. Countries make progress on pathways to align financial decisions and flows with 1.5°C scenarios:

    • Reform fossil fuel subsidies by 2025 with plans to repurpose those towards energy efficiency, renewable energy and other measures to support a people-centered and equitable clean energy transition
    • Put a meaningful price on carbon and implement the Article 6 rules
    • Make climate-related environmental disclosure mandatory for corporations 

Impressions from the Business Pavilion


Browse our COP27 Business Pavilion events, hosted in collaboration with We Mean Business Coalition sponsors and supporting partners.

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Tuesday, 15 Nov

E-Mobility for All

Hosted by: RMI

The global e-mobility transition is underway. New technologies and service models are driving the adoption of EVs at an accelerated rate around the world. In Africa, EVs tied to renewable mini-grids are multiplying. In the Caribbean, e-buses are delivering cleaner public transport at lower costs. The Shoonya campaign has super charged the adoption of EVs for ride-hailing and urban delivery in India. Our global panel of experts will explain how prioritising modes of transport that move most of humanity is one of the most tangible solutions to scale e-mobility globally to achieve our collective climate goals.


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Tuesday, 15 Nov
13:00 EET to 14:00 EET
Auditorium A

2030 Milestones Launch: Real-Economy, Industry-Backed Targets to Decarbonise Hard-to-Abate Sectors (and how to measure them)

Hosted by: Mission Possible Partnership

The Mission Possible Partnership will launch its 2030 Milestones for action in this decade to decarbonise heavy industry, and details of MPP's partnership with the Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to simplify guidance and reporting for companies. Join our high-level panel to discuss the nuts-and-bolts of operational planning for net zero, as MPP releases detailed pathways for hard-to-abate industries that jointly contribute 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. An alliance of climate leaders working in high-emitting sectors, will release real-economy milestones to guide practical action in this decade, MPP's sector transition strategies are endorsed by more than 200 industrial companies. This session will also explore how companies measure and report progress, building on MPP's partnership with the Science-based Targets initiative SBTi. The 2030 Milestones build on two years of analysis to map detailed pathways for action in this decade to achieve net zero by 2050, aligned to sectoral carbon budgets within a 1.5 degrees pathway. The panel will address bottlenecks in finance, policy and procurement - taking a hands-on, operationally relevant approach to these hydra-headed challenges. Guided by leading figures from industry and the energy transition, participants will roll up their sleeves for a deep-dive into the practical steps for decarbonising industries including aluminium, aviation, chemicals, concrete, shipping, steel and trucking.


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Tuesday, 15 Nov
13:30 EET to 14:30 EET
Auditorium B

Delivering on Transport Decarbonization: Companies, Cities, Regions and Countries Working Together

Hosted by: We Mean Business Coalition, SLOCAT, TDA & ITF

This event, a partnership between the MPGCA Transport Leads and We Mean Business Coalition, will highlight the progress made to date on zero emissions heavy duty vehicles (ZE-MHDVs) and the business action and policies needed to accelerate the decarbonization of on-road freight with deep dives on:
1) Zero Emission Urban Freight: highlight policies that drive decarbonization in urban freight: ZEZs and MDHD zero-emission trucks. Identify key steps for action and hurdles for countries, cities, regions and companies in implementing these policies
2) MHDV Charging: explore the financing needed to scale up charging infrastructure and the balance between private and public investment
3) Circularity: raise awareness of the importance of material availability and resilient supply chains and bridge the gap between private sector and policymakers


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Tuesday, 15 Nov
14:30 EET to 18:30 EET
Auditorium A


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