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The latest insights from the We Mean Business coalition

Making Climate Action a Team Sport

Ben Broche, Coordinator, Advisory Services

At the BSR Conference 2013, Participant Media CEO Jim Berk had an important message for us: “Saving the world is a team sport.” This thought has carried with me throughout the year: Effective cross-sector collaboration that transcends business, civil society, and policy landscapes is the only way we can begin to address the complex, global […]

Is Divestment from Fossil Fuels Going Mainstream?

Charlotte Bancilhon, Manager, Advisory Services

Last week, the Second Swedish AP Fund announced it would divest from 12 coal and eight oil and gas companies, an amount totaling more than US$115 million. This announcement signals that the fossil fuel divestment campaign is continuing its shift from a grassroots movement among ethically minded investors, such as foundations and religious groups, toward […]

The Courage to Lead

John Fullerton

This blog post is part of the Plan B for Business series produced by The Huffington Post and The B Team community to help articulate a Plan B for Business.

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