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The latest insights from the We Mean Business coalition


The B Team

It’s clear that the climate crisis can no longer be tackled in silos. To accelerate action toward a future that protects our planet and all people, all of us—including business—must work together. The Net-Zero Economy Report – 2020 highlights the need for radical collaboration in corporate climate action and demonstrates how some companies have already stepped up […]

Case Study: Lessons from Breckinridge Capital Advisors


As ESG adoption continues to grow, water issues are becoming increasingly important factors for the investment community to consider. Whether you are an investment advisor just getting interested in ESG issues, or a large institutional investor with an established ESG policy, water risk should be viewed as not only an environmental concern, but also as […]

Raising European climate ambition for 2030

Corporate Leaders Groups

27 November 2019 – CLG Europe welcomes the clear and highly significant commitment from the President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to publish within her first 100 days in office a European Green Deal which will be her central priority and hallmark of her five-year term. As European business leaders CLG Europe […]

Running the Risk: How Corporate Boards Can Oversee Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues


In this report, Ceres provides guidance to corporate boards on how they can effectively oversee risks posed by ESG issues, including questions for directors to ask management throughout the risk identification, prioritization and mitigation processes. We also offer concrete recommendations for boards looking to improve their companies’ resilience in the face of ESG risks. Download […]

Feeding Ourselves Thirsty 2019


This updated, third edition of Feeding Ourselves Thirsty provides investors with data on the water risk management of 40 major food companies. It also tracks company progress in managing their water risks as compared to performance in 2017 and 2015. This analysis can help food companies identify gaps in management of their water risks, which is critically important […]

Forging a carbon-neutral heavy industry by 2050: How Europe can seize the opportunity

Corporate Leaders Groups

3 October 2019 – As momentum gathers behind a long-term vision for a climate-neutral economy by 2050, increasing attention is being directed to sectors of the economy that are difficult to decarbonise, including heavy industry. Download the report Energy-intensive sectors associated with materials and machinery production such as oil, mining, shipbuilding, steel, chemicals and machinery, […]

Climate Strategy Assessments for the U.S. Electric Power Industry: 2019 Update


This analysis gives specific guidance for investors and companies to assess climate change-related risks and opportunities in the U.S. electric power sector. The 2019 update incorporates the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) call to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, finding that nothing short of a complete decarbonization of the sector before 2050 […]

Which steel companies are ready for the low-carbon transition?


This report updates and expands CDP’s research and League Table for steel companies, first published in October 2016. It ranks 20 of the largest and highest-impact publicly listed steel companies on business readiness for a low-carbon transition. The companies in aggregate represent 30% of global steel production. Download report here >

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