The Climate Has Changed - Why bold, low carbon action makes good business sense.


Business leaders make the economic case for ambitious climate action.


An array of ambitious climate and energy initiatives.


The latest from forward-thinking business leaders on climate and energy.


While climate change is one of the greatest risks we face, tackling it is also one of our biggest economic opportunities.

The impact of climate change on business and society is already being felt. Left unchecked, climate change will cause damage to facilities; disrupt supply and distribution chains; threaten power supplies; jeopardize the global food and water resources; and add overall uncertainty to the marketplace thus increasing the cost of doing business. To reduce this risk, companies need to find new ways of doing business. The sooner this is accomplished, the less disruptive and more cost-effective the transition will be.

Now, for the good news. The clean industrial revolution is already offering huge progress for business, the economy and society as a whole.

Many businesses have helped kick-start this movement by setting ambitious targets, reporting emissions and scaling up low carbon investment.

Companies have the potential to unleash a wave of innovation in low carbon technologies, create new products and services, generate employment, reduce energy consumption and increase savings if the right policies are in place.

And now – more than ever – companies can be confident that creating a low carbon strategy makes good business sense.

Our new report, THE CLIMATE HAS CHANGED, shows how forward-thinking companies all around the world are achieving strong financial returns – and how policymakers can enable bolder action from the private sector.